Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Forever Home: Mollie and Emma Start Preschool!

Monday was an exciting day for the Forever Home's newest beauties. Emma and Mollie began morning preschool! Of course, they fit in perfectly and had a blast. Right Mollie?

Okay, so maybe there was a little uncertainty at first, but discovering that there was a chair picked out and marked just for them was special. Listening as Gloria taught about the days of the week was interesting. Snack time was yummy and it just kept getting better!

Emma and Mollie caught on pretty well during activity time. They were so proud of the craft the completed. We are too!

When it came time for singing, both girls were intrigued.

Mollie was a little distracted when she saw the camera...

but Emma focused, trying to understand the words and hand motions.

It's going to be exciting to see these two a few months from now, when they have all of the daily doings of preschool down pat.


  1. Oh SO sweet... little Loves!! ~ they fit in perfectly and are gonna love preschool there! CUTE post!

  2. So sweet! Thank you for posting the stories and pics of these angels, it makes my heart smile and the hope of one day adopting sweeter.

  3. Welcome to the New Day Family Mollie & Emma...your both precious and loved very very much.

  4. What a WONDERFUL POST!!! It made my week!!! I cannot wait until I have these sweet girls in my arms! Have a great week Mollie and Emma and I hope you love school!!!!