Friday, March 2, 2012

Friendly Affection is Encouraged, but This....?!

Don't hit. Don't pinch. Yelling isn't nice and neither is sticking out your tongue. We've taught the kids all about being nice, and the nannies are daily reinforcing good behavior. One of their favorite methods for teaching the children to be kind, is through hugs and kisses. "Give Anton a kiss, Brooke!" the say. Or maybe, "Wendy, kiss your little brother!" The kids don't seem to mind, and all adults in the room sure get a kick out of the adorable pursed kissy lips that the kids make.

The preschool teachers may have had a little too much fun the other day in afternoon preschool, when they asked our adorable two year-olds to give each other some love.

Micah is definitely a "Strong and Silent" type. He's obedient, loving and very quiet. He didn't seem to mind too much when Brooke came over to kiss his cheek...

...but he didn't comply when she asked for the favor returned.

Anton was a different story. Maybe Micah's just a little nervous about kissing girls? That's totally fine, Micah! We've got a suspicion that Micah's foster mom has told him, "No kissing girls until you're 30."

Poor Micah! All these loving ladies doting on him so affectionately... what's your future wife going to say when she sees these pictures?

Look at how Anton is just soaking it all up!

It was Josiah's first day in preschool. His face says, "No one told me that we'd be doing this in class!"

Hi Mom! I got myself a girl!

Is the kissing getting old? Ok, then, time for snack!


  1. They are so precious I hope to bring a sweet angel home one day :) I pray for them daily !!!

  2. I LOVE this post! Can they get any cuter?! Those will be great photos for wedding videos someday. ;)