Monday, March 26, 2012

The Orange Slice

We always serve a fruit before we cut the cake during our preschool parties. This time, the fruit was orange slices, which are usually a huge hit. Noah, however, wasn't all that excited about his orange slice. He stared it down, picked it up and shook his head. Nope, not gonna eat this. So he placed his orange slice on Elliot's plate...

Elliot, already working on his second slice, didn't want a third. So he put the orange slice back onto Noah's plate.

Noah wasn't too happy about that, so back went the orange onto Elliot's plate. Again and again and again. Elliot each time replacing the orange onto Noah's plate.

Eventually, the boys had a stare-down. Neither was willing to give in.

A teacher noticed the silent battle going on at this end of the table, and placed Noah's orange back onto his plate. "This is yours, Noah, eat it and then you can have cake!"

But as soon as her back was turned...


  1. LOL! They are precious - that cracks me up! Bless Noah's little heart...that cake must have looked pretty delicious!

  2. I just love Noah. The end. :)

  3. This is hilarious! Boys!