Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yesterday and Tomorrow

Lily is a little bit confused. She knows that her birthday is coming, and will remind you of it every time she sees a calendar. "Tomorrow is my birthday!" she proudly announces. "No, Lily," we reply, "it's not tomorrow. Look, let's count the days until your birthday. One... two... three..." No matter how many times we count down the days or tell her that her birthday is in so-and-so weeks, Lily remains convinced. "Tomorrow is my birthday!"

When her foster father leaves for work each day, Lily stands at the door and waves goodbye. "See you tomorrow!" she says cheerily. Apparently she's not quite figured out time, because she still expects for him to come back home in time for dinner.

When Lily arrived at New Day, she knew that she was here to have surgery so that she would "be able to run and jump and grow" like other children. "After I have surgery I'll grow big and tall!" she would proudly announce to the nurses and doctors in the hospital. So it was with much pride in her voice that Lily told us on the phone after her surgery, “我做完了手术!" (I've had my surgery!). Now, though, she talks about that momentous event in her life as if it were yesterday. Literally.

And so, if you have a conversation with Lily, she will very likely tell you, "My birthday is tomorrow and yesterday I had surgery! See you tomorrow."


  1. Haha LOVE it! And she has a VERY special birthday as it is the same day as my precious sister. : ) Happy early birthday Lily!


  2. What a goof! So precious! I love it! Such a smile she has. She is so loved, you can see it in her smile, in her eyes. Thank you for loving her so well!

  3. Cute, that's so funny!