Monday, February 13, 2012

When You Don't Make A Shopping List...

...a little impulse buying is bound to happen. Thankfully, this wasn't a problem on our shopping trip last Friday. Each of the preschool children received a Hong Bao, which is a red envelope, traditionally filled with cash and given to children on Chinese New Year, from a friend of NDFH. The weather was nice enough for them to venture out to the supermarket to spend their money, so armed with empty baskets and healthy appetites, our kids set out to make good use of their money.

Joshua and Philip had some sort of system worked out... we're not sure quite how it worked, but they were very efficient at filling their basket.

Noah knew just what he wanted to buy: everything.

...until he spotted a big toy car, that is, and suddenly we couldn't distract him. Unfortunately, there was a sign that said, "no climbing," and we had to physically carry Noah away from the very attractive car of his dreams. He wouldn't have been able to fit the car inside of his basket anyways.

Does Emelia like candy? She does, and choosing which flavors to buy was a very hard decision. Chocolate or fruit? Gummies or lollypops?

When it came time to pay, William was very happy to turn over his money. He even took it out of the red envelope. Paying with real money made him feel like a big boy... which he is! Can you believe how much William has grown?!

Landon didn't quite understand the paying thing, so he just gave the cashier his red envelope. Was the basket full of yumminess worth giving up your pretty red envelope for, Landon?

Can you guess what the kids had for snack on their way home? All that they had to do was stick their little hands into the near-bursting grocery bags to find something perfect and yummy.

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