Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Foster Mama

"Who is that, Carolyn?"

"She's going to be my foster mom!" beamed Carolyn .

For the past week, Carolyn's new foster mama has been coming into the Foster Home to visit with Carolyn so that they can get to know each other.

They met on Monday. It was love at first sight.

Carolyn has been bubbling with excitement all week. She knows that on Friday, she will go to her new foster family's home to live. She recognized her new foster mama as the previous foster mom of Emelia, who recently left to join her forever family. "She used to be Emelia's mama," we could see Carolyn thinking, "but now she's mine." 

Well, Carolyn, today's the day!

We're so excited that Carolyn will have a family while she waits. One day, we hope to tell Carolyn that she has a forever family of her own. But until that wonderful day comes, we know that Carolyn is going to blossom and thrive in her foster family's home. And when the time comes for her to go to a forever family? She's going to be very prepared.


  1. Knowing how much Emelia blossomed in the love of that family, I cannot wait to see how Carolyn begins to grow more and more! What a precious blessing these selfless foster families are to these children who delight in the love they bring!!

  2. so THANKFUL for foster families, in the US and in China.

  3. Oh that last picture is too sweet for words.
    And I am so thankful for the wonderful foster families at New Day.