Friday, February 3, 2012

For Our Girls

We're amazed. As in the, can't-keep-our-gaping-mouths-closed, amazed. Setting the ChipIn at $800 was an act of faith. And then it was with a bit of trepidation that we bumped it up to $1,200 for another two cases. That's a lot of money. But now you guys have gone over. Again.

We're blown away by your generosity, and need to ask you now to please stop giving. We only plan to purchase enough formula for Ella's trial period. We're hoping hard that this will help Ella, but if it doesn't, we want to have been good stewards with our resources.

And now, how do we begin to thank you?


Rosie was not doing well. Developmentally she was losing ground, and emotionally her medicines were turning her into a three-year old basket case. We were desperate for solutions and restoration, and so we tried something new. We started Rosie on the Ketogenic Diet. A volunteer purchased this expensive formula for Rosie and it was delivered in spurts, carried over by couriers coming to visit. A few weeks ago Rosie began drinking the special formula, and our Registered Dietitian worked with the nannies and volunteers to design other meals that Rosie would enjoy.

The transformation has been amazing.

Rosie has just had one seizure since beginning the diet. Not only that, but she's slowly turning back into the little girl we once knew. She's standing up on her own again, dancing, singing and smiling. Instead of frustration and confusion, we now see gladness in her eyes.

We want to see the same transformation in Ella's eyes.

Yesterday, after some research, it was discovered that this special diet might also benefit our sweet little Ella. We're determined to keep fighting for her, and this formula is just the glimmer of hope that we need.

Because of some amazing and generous donations, more formula is coming next month for Rosie that will last her until summertime. But that's not enough for both girls. We have a volunteer coming next month who is willing to bring the formula. We want to fill her suitcase. Will you help?

One case (6 cans) is about $200USD. Can we raise enough money for four cases, a suitcase full?

We're not huge fans of fundraisers on our blog. You all know this. But sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone a little bit, especially when a child's life is at stake. Hope is rising for Ella. Thank you for being part of her story.


  1. INCREDIBLE! Hooray for Rosie! I've read marvelous things about ketogenic diets and epilepsy, I do hope this helps precious Ella!

  2. The ND community is so amazing! I looked yesterday and it was at 0%. Today it is 66%!!!


  3. praying you'll see double your goal to provide for Ella! And praying the diet helps her greatly.