Saturday, February 4, 2012

{Not} Little Anymore

Has anyone discovered the secret to keeping little ones little? We've learned one way not to: Foster Families. One day they're babies, riding off in their foster mama's cart, and the next day this is what we see...

Melissa's foster mom said,
"Melissa is talking!  Not talking clearly, but she's talking!  One of our neighbors was recently married and there were a lot of fireworks after the wedding.  Melissa used to be scared of the loud noises they make, but as she is growing, she is becoming less and less scared.  When I told her there was to be more fireworks for Chinese New Year, she responded by saying "Bang!" in such a cute way." 

So much for keeping them little...


  1. Praise God! And praying that this formula will help Ella!

  2. They grow up SO fast! Melissa, you are such a beautiful little girl.