Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hope for Ella


The bleak news of Ella’s situation struck a chord of sadness in our hearts. Her orphanage is afraid that no one will want to adopt a little girl who is struggling with seizures.

It’s been months since Ella started seizing. We rushed her to the hospital that first evening when the seizures began. The doctors, in desperation for the seizures to stop, put Ella in an induced coma. This procedure was routine, but Ella’s situation went from serious to grim when an EEG scan showed little brain activity. The doctors told us that the chances she would ever wake up were slim.

Ella’s eyes opened the next morning. Already she was a miracle and had proven herself to be a fighter.

With medication, Ella’s seizures began to decrease, though they have yet to cease. Since the first seizure, we’ve been to many hospitals and specialists who have said that Ella’s condition is non-reversible. She is continuing to suffer from seizures, but we are hopeful that a solution will be found and that they can be brought under control.

Her current situation is not optimistic. At best, she will live a normal but limited life. At worst… we shudder to think of what will happen. If Ella is not adopted, she has almost no chance.

Ella is a sweet and beautiful little girl. She’s six months old with a gentle and patient temperament. She soaks up love, loving to be held tight and close. Sometimes her eyes stare into space, but sometimes they are responsive and deep. When she sees familiar faces and hears familiar voices, a surprisingly joyful smile lights up her face.

Ella is on a long road to healing, but we believe that she is on it and we desire that she will continue on it with a family by her side. She desperately needs the love and care of a mother and father. If there was a family, one prepared to deal with Ella’s very challenging special needs, the orphanage would jump at the chance to do her adoption paperwork and give Ella a chance.

Are you that family? Do you know a family who could care for this beautiful and loved little girl? If you are interested in helping find her a family, please contact Hannah.


  1. Sweet beautiful Ella....your family will be SO VERY BLESSED!!!

  2. Praying for precious Ella and her forever family to hear and act upon His call!

  3. Are they on one side, or both? I am part of a group of parents who are tapped into the worst end of seizures. My bio daughter required brain surgery to stop them. My daughter had Rasmussens Syndrome and had to have half of her brain disconnected(hemispherectomy surgery) (sounds terrible, and she is now weak on her left side, but she is in regular school)- her seizures were only on her left side. Cortical Dysplasia kids have tons of seizures and can sometimes have a hemi, as well as HME which is where half of the brain is malformed. Some kids just have intractable seizures and need the surgery too, as well as some stroke kids. This little one looks too young for Rasmussens, but is it possible to call Dr. Mathern at UCLA and see if he'll look at an MRI to check her out? If you would like to contact me my email is tsarina206 at yahoo dot com , my doctor in Georgia might be able to look at information as well.

  4. I have tears in my eyes after reading Kelly's comment. Oh the thought of someone having possible answers for this precious girl. I just know in my heart, that Ella was fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator, and she too, has hope for a future.

    You see, Ella is one of "my kids" ...I do her sponsor updates every month along with a handful of other great kiddos. I continue to pray for this little treasure and that someone will come forth to help her and that her new mama and baba will see this and just 'know' in their heart of hearts, that God is calling THEM! That they will hear His voice and just KNOW! "Hope for Ella" ~ that's what I have in my heart, especially after reading Kelly's comment. Praying, praying and praying some more for our precious Ella ...she is one very special and beautiful little girl!

  5. i agree tanya, Ella was fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator!
    we sponsor Ella, and we love her very very much.

    i will begin to pray specifically for her forever family to find her....knowing God's plan is perfect... He has it all figured out for Ella....i trust HIM.

  6. She is just precious....looks so much like my older daughter did when we got her. Praying for healing and for a family for this beautiful child.