Sunday, January 22, 2012

Year of the Dragon: Fireworks

Fireworks are a huge part of Chinese New Year. For days before, and for days afterward, they are let off, filling the air with puffs of smoke, loud booms and bright lights. If it were daylight, the children would certainly love watching the fireworks get set off, but that's not often the case. We decided to show the children what all of the noise was about, so we set off some fireworks in front of the foster home, and then lit a dozen sparklers for the kids to wave about.

Wendy wasn't nervous at all! She is recovering amazingly well since her heart surgery, and gets stronger and stronger each day.

Angela was willing to hold her sparkler, as long as her nanny held it as well, and it was as far away as possible.

Claire got to wave around a couple of sparklers. She's a huge fan of fireworks.

Brooke, in her oversized coat, wasn't frightened of the sparkling wand in her hand.

Tonight, in China, more fireworks than you can imagine will go off. Even at this very moment, there are explosions going on outside. Are you doing anything to celebrate New Year's Eve?

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