Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Apple of His Eye

We can't begin to express how much we respect the foster families of New Day. They're amazing. Sage's family is a great example of dedication. Sage is the family's fourth foster child. They have two biological children as well, a daughter and a son. The son is married and lives nearby. H is self-employed as a driver, and fondly remembers each one of his foster siblings, admitting to crying when they left to be adopted.

All of the foster children came in to honor our sponsors last weekend, and Sage was brought in by her foster father. It was impossible not to notice the closeness between these two. She seemed so comfortable in his arms, and he looked so content. She's the apple of his eye, which is the best place for a little girl to be.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful post! Sage, I can't believe how big you've gotten! I'm so happy to see just how much your foster daddy loves you! Can't wait to see you sweetie!

  2. Crickett said, "Look! Baba! Mei Mei!" Precious. On my lap is a squeezable, tangible, kissable result of all that love from him. We are forever grateful....