Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Noble Little Woman

She's of the squirmy, delicate sort; strong yet fragile. Already, she has a name and a story.

Lydia, our noble little woman, arrived today. With her she brought the almost blank slate of her precious little life. There's a story waiting to be written on her searching eyes and in her tiny heart.

And it's been begun; her story is one of rescue and hope.

Lydia has already had one lifesaving surgery; we'll wait until she gets a bit bigger before she has her second. Until then, Love sounds like the best title for this chapter in Lydia's story.


  1. Praying she continues to grow strong so she can have the next surgery she needs to live a long healthy life. I'm just so glad she is in YOUR hands! New Day is a wonderful place!!

  2. My wife and I are so thankful for your orphanage, and for this blog. A few short weeks ago, we lost our own Lydia Rose to miscarriage. A dear friend of ours found this precious Lydia through "Love Without Boundaries," and helped sponsor part of her surgery in our Lydia's memory.

    Our hearts have been deeply impacted by her story and we continue to be involved as we are able. She is in our prayers each night, and we would love to know how we can continue to offer support for her care.