Friday, November 18, 2011

A Jiejie's Heart

While walking through the villiage the other day, I ran into Emelia, Lucy and Micah's foster mom. She was driving them home from morning preschool, and of course Emelia insisted that they stop to say, "Hi." I had just purchased some little manderin oranges from a street vendor and offered one to Emelia.

At first her face brightened... but then it fell. "Thank you," she said, "but may I have two more?" A quick glance into the cart was all that was needed to understand the nature of her request.

"Of course, Emelia." I said, and handed her two more, which she immediatly handed to her little foster siblings. She has titled herself, "The Jiejie" (jiejie is "older sister" in Chinese) and we can see all the way into her sweet heart to know that this is true.

Keep on loving, Emelia!


  1. That smile - melts my heart. What a beautiful girl!!!

  2. Oh sweet girl! Her jie jie can't wait to get her home, and her little mei mei will love having another sister to pay attention to her. Even though Emelia will be a middle child I think she will always play the role of mother to the others.

  3. Oh what sweetness! It is so precious when kids look after their siblings like that!

  4. She found her family? That is great news! =)