Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Flower Girl

Mary. She's a precious little lamb with a whole lot of spunk. She likes to run off and explore (yes, she runs!) yet she also demands the security of having her foster mother nearby. She's a mama's girl, through and through. Maybe it's the dedicated "hair care" time they spend together as her foster mama does Mary's hair up in personality-loaded pigtails... or maybe it's the love of flowers that they share?

The pink and purple petunias grabbed these ladies attention as they climbed the steps to the foster home. "Look, Mary." her foster mom exclaimed, "look at the beautiful flowers! Smell them. Ahhh.... so fragrant." Ah Mary, you always have your nose in a flower.

Does anyone else notice the color coordinating going on here? It's pretty obvious that whatever the flower, Mary fits right in and is happily in her element.

As pretty as all those flowers are, it's quite apparent that Mary is the loveliest. Our flower-girl is the most beautiful flower of them all.


  1. She is SO precious and I know her new family is so excited to travel and bring her 'home' soon. I will be praying for her foster mama as that approaches. It's clear they have a beautiful relationship. Love the photos!! I have pictures of Khloe wearing that same pink cheetah-print jacket when she was there... it's SO cute on all the little girlies!! <3

  2. Awww!! I just saw this post. She looks precious in her cheetah-print jacket. It is very clear she is very loved by her foster mama and that is a true blessing. It's neat that she was found in a bed of flowers and she loves flowers so much. She is a little doll baby and these pictures have brightened my day!! Thank you so much for sharing them!