Friday, September 30, 2011

Playing with Baby

Being the big 'ol family that we are, every child has about a dozen brothers and sisters. When Rebecca joined the other sweet ones in the upstairs nursery, Joy was giddy with pleasure. Her own little sister!

Amy was holding the warmly bundled up Rebecca outside on a recent, nearly-fall day, and Serena was intrigued about the wiggling bundle. Of course she asked if she could have a chance holding the rather new little sister...

...and it looks like Serena has the makings of being a profesional big sister! It's no wonder, with all of the experience she's had being the oldest girl in our Forever Home. Serena has a very sweet and gentle heart and is always eager to love others.

And our babies are ever so easy to love. They are innocent, peaceful, dependent and completly adorable; everyone should have a chance to play with baby.

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