Friday, September 30, 2011

Noah and the Preschool Dance Party

Noah has really become a star student in the afternoon preschool classroom. I have really enjoyed watching him shine in the classroom. Just the other day, we were singing songs in preschool. Noah was sitting down,but you could tell his body was aching to move to the beat. The preschool teacher eventually said, “Noah, get up and dance!” to which he promptly got up and started to show off his moves to the rest of our enjoyment. Not only did the teachers and volunteers enjoy watching, but Noah’s classmates enjoyed it somuch that they too decided to try out their dancing feet. It was a regular dance party—preschool style! Thanks to our little trend setter, Noah, who started it all.

--This post was written by our intern, Faith


  1. This makes me smile. Keep on dancing Noah!

  2. Kids love dance. A perfect time pass for little kids. They are really excited.