Sunday, October 30, 2011

Matchy, Matchy

Lena lives in the baby room, while Nicole spends her time in our CCU, so it came as a huge surprise when we discovered that they were wearing the same little jacket - on the same day!
It suited both of them perfectly, and they looked adorable. Lena has been much more alert recently, wiggling and gazing intently about. Before we know it she'll be a toddler... but let's not think of that right now. We're going to enjoy her teeny tiny babiness for as long as we can.

Someone knows how to smile for the camera! Nicole giggled and grinned wide when she saw that we were taking pictures of her. She gets told that she's beautiful all the time, so she makes sure to look pretty for pictures.

You've just got to love sweet little girls!


  1. Aww, we do matchy-matchy around our house a lot too! Fun, fun!

  2. Two times the cuteness ... love it!