Monday, October 31, 2011

Bright and Orange

Here at New Day, the morning preschool class learned a bit about Autumn: leaves changing colors and falling to the ground, the weather getting colder, and the abundance of pumpkins! The preschool teachers took this opportunity to show the children how to carve faces to make some pretty cool Jack-O-Lanterns. Gloria, our teacher, prepared the pumpkin before class, so the children didn't get a chance to see the pumpkin's innerds. But they did get to watch the eyes and mouth get cut out!

And then it came time to light the candle inside of the pumpkin! The children thought that this was exciting. Lucy didn't want to give up the pumpkin after her turn to get a close look.

Since Emelia is one of the "big girls" in class, she got to hold Mr. Jack-O-Lantern all by herself! She was quite proud of this fact and responsibility.

Silly Vincent tried to prove to us that he was sillier than the pumpkin... What do you think? Is he sillier?

We'd take a vote... but it's already clear who the winner would be. Right?

Did anyone else carve a pumpkin this year?


  1. Oh!! Emelia! I miss you soooo much!

  2. We just carved our pumpkins last night! The crowd looks so adorable!

  3. Emelia is the most precious little girl ever!!!!