Thursday, October 27, 2011

Their First Chapter

New children arrived today.

Micah is two. He's a quiet little boy and still a bit wary of the new people in his life. He's been placed into a foster family already. That's his foster mom (also Emelia and Lucy's) holding him in the picture, with the foster family manager and his assistant standing around them. Micah's about to begin an adventure in Love.

Little Esther in only a few months old, and quite a bit too tiny for her age. She's beautiful, alert and talkative. She loves to play with fingers, those of hers and of others.

Micah and Esther are home for now, until they are adopted. The first chapter of their story has been penned. Today, their story of hope began.


  1. Micah & Esther,

    Welcome to where love truly does grow. You are going to be so very loved.

  2. So precious... praying for these children as they adjust to their new home. They are so loved alredy!


  3. Cannot wait to watch Micah & Ester blossom in the place where love grows! Love the fact that Micah means "like God" and Esther means "star"!
    Love & Blessings,

  4. Can't wait to see Micah's new expression in a short while. The Light will be there!

  5. Micah has a WONDERFUL foster mommy....this women is amazing....we met her while at NDFH and she is truly an angel...he's one lucky little boy.

    i ditto your comment (WixFamily) i also can't wait to see micah's new expression in a short while.

    WELCOME to the ND family...we LOVE you micah and ester your both very special gifts.


  6. And how blessed they are to begin their next chapter in the loving arms of the New Day staff...

    Welcome to the family Micah and Esther! We're part of the larger family that will be loving you from afar!

  7. ...just as Kristi said ~ we, too, are part of the larger 'extended' New Day family that will be loving you (and praying for you) from afar!

    Can't wait to see photos with SMILES on those sweet faces! ~indeed, they have arrived at the place 'where love grows' !!!