Monday, August 22, 2011

The Start of Something New

The first day of preschool is different for every child. Some are ready for the day months beforehand and some protest the change. Anton, however, had no idea what he was getting into when he arrived for his first day in class, but he enjoyed it so much that he tearfully refused to leave. Angela soaked it all in slowly, and when she figures out the routine, we're sure that she'll own the place.

First things first: Playtime. Anton loved the trains and had them racing about the floor, laughing gleefully at his own antics.

Next up: Snacktime. First Anton and Angela needed to find their chairs. Thankfully, we have pictures of each child taped to their designated chairs. Angela found her seat quickly.

Before passing out the plates and snack, our newest students were taught how to fold their hands politely and say, "ready!".

They're fast learners!

Then they enjoyed snack with all of their new (and old) friends.

When it came time for singing, neither Angela nor Anton knew quite what was going on. Anton started heading for the toys and Angela looked confused... until we turned on the music. When Anton heard the familiar strains of "Old MacDonald" play and saw the brightly colored animals on the TV, this was his reaction:

The first day of preschool was a success! And guess what, Anton and Angela? You get to have this much fun every day now!


  1. Anton is SO cute! is sweet Angela!

    Preschool is an exciting place and it's fun to be a 'BIG' kid now!! :) I still love how the kids are taught to be 'ready' before they eat! A blessing in disguise for their parents-to-be!!

  2. Anton and Angela are so precious! What sweet pictures of their first day of preschool.

    And we still practice "ready" at our house too...