Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tender Shoots

The little ones in the Critical Care Unit are so sweet. Nicole smiles, Paige rolls over for the first time and Ella rests peacefully. They are on a long road to healing, but they are on it, and that's what matters.

He loves to smile, and when his big eyes gaze peacefully around, we see hope. Hope that surgery has brought into Jonathan's life, though the recovery is still long and hard.

Lena sleeps sweetly, and as we cradle her in our arms we ponder her young life. Already so much has happened to this precsious blessing.

She's a spunky little miracle and she's growing so fast. Ariana just left to join a foster family, but she'll still be a baby for a long while yet.

His eyes and his smile have everybody smitten. Roy is being strengthened daily by love.

Each child here is a tender shoot. Watching them thrive and blossom sometimes takes our breath away, because they were not supposed to make it this far. But they have, and that makes us rejoice.


  1. Oh, Lena's CHEEKS! I had to sit and stare at them for a moment, the chubbiness just had me captivated! Such sweet babies, thanks for loving them all so well!

  2. One of my favorite things about NewDay is watching all of the children grow up who were never 'supposed to' make it! God is faithful and prayer DOES make a difference!! <><

    Precious little shoots, indeed! :)