Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Ruffled Feathers

Our amazing friends at Ruffled Feathers just donated a suitcase load of adorable skirts, dresses and leggings for our little ladies.

Lucy was so happy with her new skirt that she danced!

Brooke needed Angela's help adjusting her skirt. What precious sisters they make!

Rosie felt so pretty in her new outfit, her smile lights up the whole foster home!

Joy got a new dress too, it fit like a dream and she looked like an angel.

Krisha, Cora, Eliana and Khloe turned preschool into an afternoon tea party in their fancy new outfits. Samuel felt a bit left out (even though he got a new shirt that day), he doesn't quite understand that some things are only for girls.

Thank you Ruffled Feathers! The outfits are adorable... and our darling ladies sure make them look good, don't they?


  1. They are all beautiful! Sweet girls and sweet dresses!
    Pinch Krisha's cheeks for me! I just want to SQUEEZE HER!!!!