Monday, July 25, 2011

Good News

There's nothing better than good news around here, and we've been getting a lot of it recently!

Ariana has been recovering marvelously from her cleft lip surgery. Doesn't she look good? Her cheeks are filling out as well, which makes us very happy.

Paige is finally home from the hospital after struggling with pneumonia for a few weeks. She's doing much better now and we're thrilled to have her back in our arms. For one so tiny and fragile, she has a lot of strength. She's wiry and strong, though delicate and as light as a feather.

Landon came home from his last check-up without his cast! He hasn't let the cast from his clubbed foot surgery stop him from doing anything, but we're sure that he's glad to be rid of the extra weight. Kevin and Zoe, the therapists, have already been putting together a brace for him. We have high hopes that walking is very near in the future for this little boy.

*this picture was taken before the cast was removed. We'll post a cast-less picture soon!

Vivian has grown so much. Babies are sometimes the most facinating to watch, because they grow so quickly. Little Viv has certainly done that, and when we went to visit her the other day, she did everything she could to impress us.

 Her foster mom says that she laughs loudly. We believe it!

There have also been a lot of asterisks popping up on our website lately. It really doesn't get any better than this!


  1. i love seeing the babies they are ALL beautiful

  2. Ok, I just LOVE the little roll of plumpness under Vivian's neck when she's looking up and laughing. LOVE me some baby chubs!

    And awright for Landon! You've got big things ahead of you, sweet boy!

  3. Awww Vivian! Even though I haven't met her, she still has such a special little corner in my heart since she and my Cora share a birthday. It's fun to see how she's growing up just like my little gal!