Saturday, July 23, 2011

Who Wore it Best? Pt. 1

The blue and white dress is one of our lovely ladies' regular fashion fallbacks.

Brooke prefers to wear it for climbing and sliding in the backyard....

Angela finds it suitable for dancing in the playroom...

And Camille adds some playfullness to her style with a silly face and a giggle.

We love that Camille, Angela and Brooke can wear the same size. Stay tuned for some of the dresses that Claire and Lily both like to wear in Part 2, next weekend!


  1. All are positively adorable, no matter what they wear!

  2. Wonderful information for a certain somebody who is coordinating some Ruffled Feathers Company skirts/dresses to come your way soon. And besides that, the girls ALL are absolutely precious in their outfits. And how positively "sisterly" to share their wardrobe!