Monday, May 23, 2011

To the Zoo Again!

We went to the Wildlife Park again last Friday! Don't forget to check out all of the amazing pictures on our scrapbook.

William and Cora make just about the most perfect foster brother and sister team. Don't they look charming together? They were getting a good look at the kangaroos.

When Timothy heard the llamas spitting he said, "Bless you!" He mistook their spitting for sneezes. The kids got to feed some of the llamas grass and branches, which was a highlight for many of them.

We celebrated the day with a special lunch of hamburgers, french fries and juice. Lucy Kate enjoyed every last bite of her hamburger. Check out the look on her face, do you think that she'll be a McDonald's fan when she goes to the US?

Jace took some flying leaps out of the bus, thanks to his buddy. We are so grateful to the team from Lee University who sponsored this trip to go see the animals. We made sure to schedule the animal adventure for while they were here, so they were able to come too.