Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Always More Fun to Share

Today was a special day for Ethan. His adoptive family sent him a care package! Ganlu pulled him out of preschool to go back to his room to open the gift and take pictures. When she did, she quickly noticed that in the box, there was two of everything!

A little surprised, Ganlu told Ethan they needed to wait until she could figure out who the other gifts were for. Ethan piped up right away and said, "I know, Ganlu! They are for Robert!"

"Are you sure?" Ganlu asked. Robert and Ethan share a bedroom, and they are very close, so Ganlu wasn't surprised that Robert was the first child to come to Ethan's mind.

"Yes!" Ethan replied. "Last week when I talked to them, they told me that they were sending me and Robert a present! I'll go get him!"

Ethan ran off to get his friend from preschool, and when they came back together, two very happy boys opened presents... Ethan proud as punch that his Mama and Baba sent his friend a present and Robert as happy as a clam to have a very special gift to open.

Afterwards Robert scampered off to class and told his teacher that his Mom and Dad sent him a present. His teacher quickly explained that the gift was from his very Auntie and Uncle who care for him very much, and that his Mama and Baba are still looking for him. He seemed to understand, and was as happy as can be, but We can't wait until Robert has a present to open from his parents...

And Ethan? Well, he's busy making plans for his upcoming departure. He asked one of his nannies last week if he could go talk to Karen, our director.

His nanny asked why he needed to have a meeting with the director, and Ethan said, "Well, when I go to America, I want to take you and my other nanny with me! So, I need to talk to Karen about it."

This boy will be a skillful and fearless negotiator in no time.


  1. Oh my! Precious pictures and a priceless story!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  2. Wouldn't it be great if they could go home with the same family? or maybe live close to each other like Julia and Savannah er i mean Leah Hope!!(old habits R hard 2 break!) YEYE

  3. Ethan is such a little charmer. Can't wait to see him go home with his family, and I can't wait for Robert to have a family of his own.

    Miss you boys!

  4. Oh my heart be still! Those boys are so sweet!

  5. These are the kind of precious relationships that leads me to pray perhaps some of the adoptive families can take both children.

  6. Oh so precious!

    How I pray that Robert's family will find him soon!

  7. That is so precious.... love that Ethan cares for Robert... And, somewhere out there, there is a special family for him too! - Anna

  8. This brought a grown man to tears. I'm not naming names.
    It brought his wife to tears too, by the way. Robert stands for the many others who are so wanting a forever mommy and daddy. May it be so soon, Robert!

  9. Oh my goodness. Their joy is so contagious that it runs right down my cheeks. I can hardly to someday volunteer at New Day. You all are amazing - the more I read, the more I can't help but pray!

  10. Look at those boys! Such joyful children. thrilled for Ethan---He has an amazing family. They are wonderful! And so excited about their precious boy. They are so blessed to have Ethan as their son. And they love Robert and know his family will find him very soon!

    Do I dare mention that they have bunk beds for Ethan?

  11. Oh that is so sweet! We are praying for Robert's family to find him soon, too!

  12. Absolutely precious post! I am so touched that Ethan's family were so thoughful in sending a gift for Robert, too. They are two very special little boys. We can't wait for the day we are reading about Robert's new family...he is SO deserving...and like Laine said, represents the many children out there who 'wait'. Praying it is very, very soon for this sweet boy! And looking forward to watching Ethan join his new family, too!!

    God bless! <><