Friday, November 5, 2010

Tom's Special, Too!

Every day, Tom sees people come to visit the children. They run and play in the back yard, and sometimes when he runs up to greet the visitors they shoo him away.

It is enough to discourage the friendliest of dogs. And then there are the treats... visitors bring special treats for the children and take time to give everyone little gifts.  But no one ever remembers Tom.  He just watches it all...

What's a dog to do? How do you keep your confidence up when clearly no one else understands that you should be the center of attention? Well, Tom wasn't sure, but at last his day has come...

Someone came to visit the foster home and brought him presents! Beautiful new clothes and a few tasty treats! Finally, Tom has been given the attention he knew he deserved.


  1. Its about time!! Poor Tom will get a complex After all he IS one of the family! YEYE

  2. OH that is too cute!
    I will try to remember treats for Tom when I plan my visit!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. Round here our dog, Maya, is one of the clan! She has her own stocking and everything. We'll be sure to bring a few treats for Tom when we're there next spring!

  4. Every dog has his day! :) Tom looks quite dapper in his new outfit!