Monday, November 8, 2010

Time for School

Elizabeth is doing so well in school! This is her doing Math. Although she began school a couple of years later than normal, she is catching up. She is very bright and especially loves Math. She just seems to absorb it! Last year she did 2 years of Math! She's doing an English home school program and this year she is doing 1st grade work and 2nd grade Math. She also has Chinese class so she can learn to read and write in Chinese as well. She's just amazing and we love caring for her!


  1. So nice to see your lovely face, Elizabeth! We were missing you ... after seeing you on the September calendar page! God bless you as you work on your school work!
    (summer 2009)

  2. Wow, she is amazing! She is certainly a face I won't forget from my visit to New Day last year.
    We'll be visiting ND again in April but your family is now in GZ...?

    Dawn Rentmeester

  3. No, we still live near New Day. You are welcome to visit the Forever Home, the home for older girls, when you come! We'll look forward to your visit!