Monday, November 29, 2010

Finding Their Feet

David and Angela are two of our most bright eyed children. Even without smiling they can light up a room!
Recently they've both been finding their feet - literally! David, one of the fastest crawlers in the playroom, is soon to graduate to the rank of "toddler." He's been finding his footing more and more over the last few months, and just recently took his first steps!
Angela, whom you think would be hindered by having repaired clubbed feet, has just discovered how tall she can be when she stands up. Her favorite place to practice standing is in the ball pit, where she watches all the action before loosing her balance to the ever-rolling flow of balls.
We're excited to watch our little ones grow and are eager to see just what milestones they conquer next!


  1. Me too! :) I love watching them blossom!

  2. It's SO fun watching these little "movers and shakers" growing up and blossoming in your care! ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!! :)