Friday, November 26, 2010

Catching Up

Having a big Thanksgiving meal meant that every single one of NDFH's children was in one place at one time.  (Except those who were in the hospital.)  There aren't many days like that, as most days find the children spread out over the village with their foster families.

But like any family does on Thanksgiving day, we all gathered together to count our blessings... like little Noah! Who is suddenly not so little anymore!

Or Lindsey... can you believe those cheeks? They seem to get more kissable each month.

Having everyone together meant we all got a chance to see some of our children who live in foster families... kids like Zoe, who aren't quite old enough for preschool so don't come into the foster home as frequently as the older kids. 

It seems like just yesterday when Aurora was just a tiny baby... and now she's a busy toddler!  Where does time go?

Eliana is all smiles and hugs, all the time.  She has such a sweet and friendly spirit.  She makes people feel like the center of her little world each time she smiles!

After a big meal, Logan and Jack got bundled back up for the ride home.  These two spirited boys keep their foster parents busy, that's for sure!

We have so much to be thankful for... not only the children, but also all of the loving foster families who pour into the kids' lives and help bring about the amazing transformation we see in each of the little ones.

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  1. Sweet sweet children have come such a long way! Thank you New Day!