Monday, November 29, 2010

Look What I've Grown!

Recently, Elizabeth has been studying plants, farmers, animals and such in school. Since hands on projects are the best way to learn and oh so much fun too, we had her put some of what she's been learning to action. She planted some beans and watched them sprout and grow in such a short period of time! She was amazed and excited! At the same time, she also started a sweet potato sprouting. She has learned, among other things, that some things grow much quicker than others. She also was able to see the roots grow and sprout on the sweet potato which is something she now knows happened with the beans too, although she couldn't see it do that under the soil. The beans will come and go quickly, but the sweet potato will be around for some time as it continues to sprout new roots before later seeing it bud on top and growing leaves and then vine everywhere. All the kids have enjoyed watching her school project in progress.

Elizabeth says we no longer need to buy food, she'll just grow it all for us! Perhaps she has more yet to learn as I think we'd all be a hungry bunch. She doesn't yet realize just how much it takes to feed a family of 8! Perhaps we should take her up on her offer and just stop buying food so Elizabeth can grow our food. NOT!! I think if we did that though, she'd learn pretty quickly that it takes much more to grow enough food for our family. One going hungry meal would probably do it! However, I think we might have some unhappy people, perhaps that wouldn't be a good idea, huh?!


  1. What a great follow up to read after hearing firsthand about the Forever Home, Healing Home, Pearl Project, and the Foster Home from Lillian and Jack last evening. We are growing more and more in our love and prayers for New Day here at Granville Chapel.
    Yea Elizabeth!

  2. Well I love the way Elizabeth dreams big! :)