Friday, August 6, 2010

The Giggle Seat

The kids have loved our brand new baby swing seat. Just donated last week by a Chinese toy company, it's been a popular addition to our backyard playground. Both kids and staff alike have been chuckling quite a bit over this new swing. Let's hope we haven't reached our giggle quota for the week!

Though she may be small, Jayden had so much fun everyone wanted to come watch. Raegan thought she'd come help by pushing the swing.

We also got some priceless moments of Chad and Zoe.

For some kids, the swing can be a little unnerving. Judah was scared at times but courageously held on tight. Look at that big brave smile! Angela looked like she wanted to cry at first, but decided to giggle instead. You can watch her for yourself.


  1. Oh how sweet!! I love the video of Angela. And that smile big boy :-) !!!

    BTW... I love to swing too. It makes me feel young again!!