Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Blessings Are Flowing

This week a team from Savanna, GA. came to help us out here at New Day. They not only brought many things for the Foster Home, Forever Home, and likely others I don't know about, but they have truly just been a blessing to all of us! They have helped out in the Learning Center and Foster Home in many ways. We are very grateful for their graciousness and generosity!! They have particularly made our girls at the Forever Home feel oh soooo special. They blessed them with some clothing. What girl doesn't like new clothes?!! They also made up a special bag for each one filling it with goodies! Imagine the girls surprise and anticipation when I told them they had a gift for them! Why, I could hardly contain them! We just wanted to say thank you for making all of New Day so blessed by your presence this week!! Thank you Savannah team from the bottom of our hearts!!


  1. How wonderful!!! I'm sure the girls were overflowing with excitement! ;)

  2. Yeah savannah, ga team...we live in ga... a great place to live & raise a family. the forever home girls look like they LOVED their special gifts...what a special day for such special girls ;) :)

    God bless them ALL