Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bringing Them Home

I'm so thankful to Jessica, Hannah, and the other interns for taking over the blog in my absence.  Aren't they doing an amazing job?  I'm enjoying the daily updates from NDFH while I'm in the USA... I'm starting to understand how much the blog means to our big New Day family -- it keeps us all connected!

We've been so excited lately to find out that so many of our little ones are on the shared list.  In addition to Samuel, Serena and Jenna being on the list, we've also found out that Jack, David, and Vincent are also available for adoption!  (And perhaps others that we don't even know about yet!)  We want to do our best to advocate for each of these children, and want to enlist all of you to help!

With the CCAA's new shared list system, it means you can go through any agency with access to the shared list to adopt one of these children.  As Jessica mentioned yesterday, Lifeline has stepped up and offered to help advocate for Serena's adoption, and we've also been informed by WACAP that they are willing to give an adoptive family a financial grant to adopt either Samuel or Jenna!  (To receive the grant, the adoptive family must use WACAP.  Contact Elizabeth Rose at WACAP for more details.)

But, in general an adoptive family is able to use the agency of their choice to adopt any of these children -- even Serena, Samuel, or Jenna.  If you are already in-process with another agency and have access to the shared list, you should be able to be matched with any one of these precious little ones.  NDFH is not directly affiliated with any one particular adoption agency (there are lots of wonderful ones!), but if you are new to adoption and don't know where to start, we do provide a list of several agencies that are reputable that families have used in the past when adopting our children.

Now, back to spending time with my family... I'll talk to you when I get back to China in early August!

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  1. Oh how this breaks my heart. I adopted my daughter at 9 months from China. At 1 year I noticed her eyes crossing and took her to the doctor...he had me come back when she was 3. I was hyper sensitive to it as both my mom and nephew have amblyopia. My daughter was also diagnosed with amblyopia in both eyes, although the left eye was much worse. With glasses and patching her eyes have gotten so much better! The doctor says they will continually get worse, but because we caught it so early by the time she is Serena's age they will start to get progressively better - that has been the case with my nephew who is now 11.
    If little Serena had quality healthcare she could have been in school from the start.
    I hope a family steps forward to adopt her realizing what joy she could add to their lives!