Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Hope For Her

Serena came to the Forever Home almost exactly 2 months ago. She came to us with basically no education (due to her vision issues, her former foster family had not placed her in school). Since her arrival, she's started some basic education with a tutor and she comes to preschool for music time each day. She's doing very well and has already learned a lot. You can frequently hear her singing (with gusto!) English songs she's learned.

Serena's papers had been submitted a while ago, but no one had yet expressed an interest to adopt her. Imagine our excitement when we were contacted by Lifeline and asked whether we needed help with any of our kids! We told them about Serena's situation, hoping they'd be able to find out if she was on the shared list and if an agency had her papers. We were so thrilled when they responded saying they'd found her file-- and that they'd like to help her find a home!

Here is a bit about Serena (written by her foster mom):

Serena was born on August 1, 2000 and will soon be 10 years old. She was abandoned the same month and placed in a foster family shortly thereafter. When she was one year old, the orphanage staff noticed something was wrong with her eyes. She received a surgery on her left eye in November 2004, and her eyesight improved some. She was diagnosed with amblyopia in both eyes and anorthopia in her left eye. She has difficulty focusing and doesn't see well at a distance. We plan to soon have her in to see a specialist in Beijing so she can be reevaluated to see if there is anything further we can do to help regarding her vision. She has no other health issues that we know of.

Serena is a sweet, affectionate girl. She absolutely loves to sing and dance and brings much joy to us here at New Day. She is very smart and quick to learn, and picks up things easily. We know that she would flourish with a family to call her own.

Would you help us by spreading the word about this sweet young lady? We'd like to give her as much exposure as possible. We've received permission to have anyone interested (and you can include that information on your posts) contact Lily at Lifeline Adoption Agency. Here is her email address:

Thank you, friends, for all the ways you support our children. And thank you for standing in the gap for Serena as she waits to find her forever family!


  1. I posted about Serena and Jenna on my blog this week and would love to post about them again next week. I tried to email you all but it would not go through. Do you have any other pics or video you could send me. You could email me at BTW, we found our Lizzie through Lifeline - they were wonderful!!!!

  2. Lifeline is wonderful!
    I pray Serena's forever family finds her soon! She is blossoming!