Thursday, April 15, 2010

Victoria Hosts A Party

Yesterday, Victoria turned 6! She was invited to Carrie's apartment to make her birthday cake and some other snacks. Later in the afternoon, some of the other children were invited over to the apartment and Victoria got to host her own birthday party! She loved showing everyone where to sit, passing out plates and napkins, and giving every child a snack. She kept asking them, "Is the cake I made good?" The other children eagerly shouted, "Yes! Yummy!!!" We hope Victoria will be able to go home with her family soon. We're sure they'll be impressed with her new found baking and decorating skills.


Post and photography by our intern, Jess


  1. Oh.... Carrie so fun. I hope her family is able to get there soon. I'm sure they are so thankful for the special loving care she is experiencing while she waits.

  2. I can't wait to hear the exciting news that Victoria's family is on their way... I know she is 'ready' to go home!

    Happy 6th Birthday, Sweet Victoria! May this be a year filled with abundant blessings for you! <><


  3. What a special day for a special girl!
    The photos are priceless and reflect VIcoria's joy in the celebration!
    Praying her Gotcha Day comes soon in full faith that God has picked out a "lucky" forever family just for Victoria!
    Love & Blessings to the birthday girl from Hong Kong,