Wednesday, April 14, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: New Kid in Town

Thank you for your support of Kiah's surgery fund. As of right now, we've raised $637 of the $8,000 we need! Friends, you are on track to meet this challenge! To meet the goal, we need an average of $500 each day until the end of the challenge. In the first 24 hours, you exceeded our daily goal!

Here's an easy way to help:  Add the ChipIn block to your site for the rest of this month!  Donors can give to this cause directly through your site if you put this little widget up

Keep spreading the word!  As so many of you expressed in your comments and e-mails, together we can do this!  


  1. I am trying to sell a motorcycle I have 3 (if u count my scooter) am trying to get $2000 i gave $4200 in 05 it is a Yamaha TT 200 street&trail with 1200 miles I will be able to send $1000 before May 1 Blessings yeye

  2. Yes! Together we CAN do this! My little contribution may be just a drop in the bucket, but TOGETHER we can move mountains, with the Lord's help!

  3. I have never given to a fundraising effort on a blog before - despite seeing many "worthy" ones. However, something about your blog, your staff, and your children have caught my eye and burdened my heart. I have donated a small amount already and I have added your chipin widget to my blog. Tomorrow my blog post will encourage the 100 readers that usually visit my blog to consider donating something too. I certainly hope it all helps! I am also praying for all of you!