Friday, April 16, 2010

Life-Giving Love Fund Update

Sorry for the lack of updates yesterday... was a busy day with Victoria's party  But are you ready for this?

So far you've contributed $1,237 to Kiah's fund!!  In 3 days!  AWESOME!  We're on track to meeting our goal!!

A few things...

1: In case some of you think we're delaying Kiah's surgery until we get the money, that's not the case.  She can't have her operation until she gains more weight.  So, don't worry about that.  If we don't quite meet our goal, we aren't going to endanger her life or anything.  Just wanted to make sure that was clear.

2: Do you want to be involved but don't have money to give?  Or want to do more?  Besides posting this on your blog, facebook, or twitter, you can e-mail me to be included in our newly forming volunteer network!  We know you guys want to be more involved, so we're working on ways to mobilize you even more!  E-mail if you want to join this network.

3: Some organizations have raised a lot of funds through an online raffle or ebay store.  Anyone interested in working on that kind of project for our surgery fund?  If so, email me and I'll introduce interested parties to each other.

Ok, that's all for now... another update next week!!!