Thursday, April 29, 2010

The American Way

Last week, thanks in part to your help, we were able to take 30 of our children (with 30 adults) on a field trip to the Botanical Gardens. After walking around and admiring the beautiful flowers, we sat down in the cafeteria area and waited as some of the staff went to buy lunch. Imagine our excitement when they returned with McDonald’s! 60 sandwiches, 60 drinks, and 60 orders of french fries!

Not everyone was as excited, though. Khloe successfully turned down everything she was offered.

Hamburger? Bu yao! (I don't want it!)

Chicken nuggets? [vigorous head-shaking]

Orange juice? Bu yao!

But when she saw the french fries, her mood seemed to change. She tried one…then one more… and one more… until eventually she finished her entire container of fries. But she didn’t stop there. Nope, she reached over and grabbed Karen’s fries, dutifully eating them one by one until she had almost finished those, too.

Khloe is going home to America soon, and now we know there’s one food she won’t have a hard time transitioning to!



Blog post and photography by our intern, Jess


  1. OH I can't WAIT until her Mommy sees these pics!!
    Sweet princess! Our little China guy did NOT like French fries for two YEARS! I know. Very un-American of him ;)
    He will tear up about any meat set before him though!
    So thrilled that the children got to enjoy the field trip!

  2. Awhhh...thanks for the cute post Jess!! LOVE the photos! I didn't think there was ANY food that Khloe turned down!! :) Guess I'll know what it means now when she's telling me 'Bu Yao!'

    Glad to see that french fries are well received... though they're something we try not to 'frequent' around here. Yep, French Fries are about as American as they come... so tell me, then why do they call them 'French'??!! LOL! ;)

    Thanks again... I'm ACHING to finally meet our little Sweetie, so this was such a treat!!


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  4. That Khloe is too cute for words!!! I can't wait to see her family taking her to McDonald's...and the botanical gardens...and everywhere else families go together! :)

  5. Adorable. Just looks like her Mommy will need to stock up on plenty of McD's sweet and sour sauce for dipping her french fries ... I noticed Khole was not using the ketchup! :o)
    Love & Blessings,