Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Can We Take Him Home, Mom?!

Randy and Rita Rippee, house parents in NDFH's Forever Home, have begun keeping a blog about the adventures of raising so many little girls. Rita has agreed to post a story once a week on the NDFH blog, but be sure to follow their blog so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the Forever Home!


Friday we needed to take all the Forever Home girls to the foster home back yard for a group photo. That was fun! Try getting so many children all in a group, then staying in the group, and getting all the adults out of the picture! We had one that kept trying to crawl away multiple times. Some of the others weren't happy at all and began to cry! After-wards, we let the girls play and socialize with all the other kids. They had a great time in the warm sunshine. Finally, some warm days!! Elizabeth quickly snatched up Samuel and thought she was such a big girl carrying him around. After carrying him for some time, I saw her put him in the stroller. He was complaining about having to sit and I heard her telling him "No Samuel, you need to sit for awhile. My arms hurt!" After a short rest, however, she carried him some more. When it was time to go home she came up and asked, "Mom, can we take him home with us?" How cute is that?! Sadly, I had to say "No Elizabeth, our home is for children 5 and older. I'm so sorry!" The next day she began to complain of the muscles in her arms hurting. While she didn't realize it was connected to the previous day's incident, I explained that it was from carrying Samuel around so much the day before. Now, she understands! We'll see if she remembers that next time the situation arises! If you'd like to hear more stories of the Forever Home girls, you can check them out on our personal blog.


  1. Oh my goodness ... I suppose it's not good to have favorites ... but I can't help but to just love Elizabeth AND Samuel!! Always have, always will!
    And to have a story so touching of the 2 of them and a photo of them together. It melts my heart! The two of them are SO sweet together and I just love how Elizabeth is mothering on Samuel! (Her poor arms though--but I bet she will be picking him up next chance she gets. How can she resist?) I am so glad that she is such a great sister figure for him ... especially teaching him the "ya gotta be patient" part. hahaha! So important for a big sister to assert her authority. What a trooper he is too.

  2. Rita!

    What a beautiful photo and story! I'm with Valerie....those two just melt my heart 'extra fast'...if you know what I mean;-)?!

    Elizabeth has grown so much! She is so beautiful...inside and out. John and I still pray about her...ever since our special worship service at New Day with you all.

    I LOVE the concept of the Forever Home...keeping you ALL in prayer!


  3. Just a beautiful story of two super special kiddos! I KNEW Valerie was going to love this one! It's no secret how much she loves both of those precious children, so I knew this would be a treat for her to read about.

    Keep up the great work. It's easy to see how much Elizabeth has blossomed in your loving home!

  4. You know, most kids see a kitten or a puppy, pick it up, love on it and then ask "Can we keep it, Mom? I'll take care of it, you won't have to do a thing!" Not, Elizabeth! She goes for bigger things like babies and wants to take them home! Sometimes it's really hard to resist those puppy dog eyes she has!

  5. Jeepers...can I take both of them home?! *sigh* How exciting the Forever Home has a blog! I can't wait to see it.

    What a blessing it is to see Elizabeth grow and blossom. She is so very special.

  6. Okay, when I saw that picture up at the top of the post my mind IMMEDIATELY went to Valerie as well! We can't help who we love. :) Oh, this post is so sweet though...it is so amazing to see Elizabeth grow and blossom the way she is. I praise God for the "Forever Home" that has been started and the work Randy and Rita are doing there!

  7. God is preparing Elizabeth for a very special future I believe! What a BIG heart she has for such wonderful things! THAT is a gift! Thank you Rita and ND for helping her blossom. It is miraculous how she has grown so much during the last year! And I am so excited about the Forever Home website. Looking forward to following you all. (And Yes, that photo was a treat for me!) :-)

  8. Oh we all love all of the kids at New Day but these two have a special place in my heart! What a beautiful picture!
    Thank you for sharing!