Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Darnedest Things

Kids do and say the darnedest things, right?  Well ours are certainly no exception.  It's a beautiful spring day, so after lunch most of our language school, company, and foster home staff were in the front courtyard of New Day, enjoying the warm sunshine.  Some of the foster home children were also playing in the courtyard with their nannies.  Several of the staff members began showing the children how you can whistle with a piece of grass.  Not sure what I'm talking about?  Well, turns out there are instructions online

Well, no one could really master this new skill, but Jesse was particularly creative in his efforts to mimic the shrill sound he heard coming from the grass-whistlers.  So he grabbed a giant handful of grass, stuck his grass-filled fists in front of his face, and let out an ear-piecing shriek.  It was so adorable!  He got so much laughter from the crowd that he kept doing it, quickly rising to the role of a performer.

And then just a little while after that, Victoria was being quizzed on where she's going to live in America.  Byron, who was asking Victoria the questions, asked his wife Karen, but she wasn't sure off the top of her head, so she started to look it up.  In the meantime, Byron went through a whole list of states, asking Victoria:
"Is it California?"




She's one smart cookie!  We didn't realize she had that little bit of information memorized.


  1. Too cute, thanks for sharing those sweet stories. :)


  2. That is adorable! Victoria is a smart little cookie!

  3. That little Victoria sure is a bright one!! :)

    And the Jesse story cracked me up... oh how I wish that would have been captured on camera...what a hoot!!