Monday, November 23, 2009

First Impressions

These reflections were written by Lindsey Johnson, a volunteer from Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Every day since I heard about NDFH back in March, I have diligently checked the blog and the website to see what was going on. I would eagerly log in to see what the kids were up to this week. I have clicked on each kids picture, and have thought about each child by name. When the summer internship was full, I never thought my dream of being able to come to NDFH would come to fruition.

Today, that dream became a reality. Stepping inside the foster home was like stepping into a reality tv show. Before I was even introduced I knew (almost) every child by heart. My day was full of books and toys, of laughs and giggles. Each child brought a new joy to me. Ethan is full of jokes and pranks, Adah radiates tenderness, and sweet Debra (who resembled the likes of Cindy Loo Hoo today with her pigtails and polka dot footies) is full of smiles.

There is something special about this place that cannot be understood from a website, a blog or a newsletter … and I never understood that until today.

Even after spending just a few short days here I am reminded of how He truly does care for His orphans.

If you ever find yourself in Beijing, go visit NDFH. You will be instantly filled with joy and it will do your soul good… promise!


  1. Do you need help between now and Christmas? ;) I'd just LOVE to jump on the next plane!!!

    OH, the intense longing I have to be at New Day and hug, kiss and love those kids! I know it is just a matter of time for me!!

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  3. (...oops, sorry about that. Too many typos and I had to start over. I think I need some coffee!!)

    What a blessing this post is. To hear from others what we already know in our hearts is true about NDFH!! Our oldest, Breanna, has such a strong heart for the orphans, too... and it is her heart's desire to return to NewDay sometime after we bring Khloe home and volunteer herself one summer...which I have a feeling will be followed by the desire to return again and again and again and.....!!!

  4. Our agency has encouraged us to visit New Day upon our adoption of Evan...and oh, how excited we are! I wish I would have had the opportunity in my single years to find a place like New Day (IS there such a place?!?!) and serve.

    Time is not lost, as now we are hoping to serve as a family at some point. It is my hearts desire that perhaps all of my children will receive a call to missions through New Day.

  5. What a sweet blessing. I know some day very soon I will have the chance to be at NDFH. For now I will continue to lift up these precious kids.

  6. I had the amazing opportunity to be a summer intern at NDFH. What a blessing it was! I learned about the amazing unconditional love of God and his faithfulness to his children. If I could go back tomorrow I would. I've never been to a place with so much love radiating from it... NDFH is a place where my heart yearns to be.. Maybe someday when I'm able to adopt from China I'll be able to go back and visit. Love you All! And Miss you!