Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Politically Well-Informed

On the way to the flower market for a recent preschool field trip, we passed by the US Embassy in Beijing. In preparation for President Obama's visit to China, they had hung very large pictures of him and other officials in front of the building. There were also pictures of the Statue of Liberty and other familiar American landmarks.

As we drove past the building, the pictures caught Julia's attention. She pointed out the window and loudly shouted, "OBAMA!"

We have no idea how she recognized him... How many American 5-year-olds do you know who recognize their president? Now, how many Chinese 5-year-olds do you think recognize the American president?

We're pretty sure it might just be Julia.

It's official... She's brilliant.

And politically well-informed.


  1. That's AWESOME!!! She's going to be a wonderful addition to a very blessed family!!! :)

  2. She IS a brilliant young lady...and a superly-duperly ADORABLE one at that!! :) I love Julia's hair down like's so pretty and long! Love her!!!

  3. Oh what a cutie she is! And sounds like she has a mind like a steel trap!

  4. Eli could recognize President Obama when he was five, but only because they watched the inauguration at school. Julia's knowledge is very impressive, indeed! :)

  5. I'm one proud Mom!!! You go girl! We'll see you next week. Hugs and Kisses, Julia's Mom, Michelle