Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Next Steps

It's almost Thanksgiving. We're getting ready for our big Thanksgiving meal here at the foster home, complete with all the trimmings. We'll be sure to post lots of pictures of the feast and the naps that happen afterwards.

And you know what comes after Thanksgiving, right?

Black Friday!

A time of maddening crowds and great deals. But this year you can skip the crowded parking lot and pushing and shoving over this season's must-have-toy by shopping from the comfort of your home.

If you click on this button and do some of your Christmas shopping at Amazon.com, NDFH gets a percentage of each sale! You do need to access Amazon's website through this button, or we do not get credit for your purchases.


Are you a sponsor who gets a monthly update on your sponsored child from us? Did you know that our monthly updates are edited by a team of volunteers? It takes quite a few people to prepare the updates to be sent out each month, and we need to add a few more people to our volunteer pool. The updates are written in Chinese by the nannies and translated by our staff and Chinese volunteers. However, they need some editing and smoothing over before we send them to sponsors each month.

This is a NDFH volunteer project that you can do from your own home. The only requirement is that you have a good command of the English language and basic grammar skills, and a willingness to work within a tight deadline.

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer update editor, please e-mail carrie@newdaycreations.com, and I'll send you more information on the position.


And guess who is walking on his own now?

Some said he would never walk, but after months of hard therapy, William is toddling around on his own!


  1. Some said he'd never walk... Ah, but the Great Physician is ever present there at New Day working through all of you!

  2. William's steps brought tears to my eyes! Praise the Lord for He is GOOD!!! And I have to admit, I've fallen in love with the Amazon/NDFH button. Already done a little Christmas shopping that way! :)

  3. Aren't you glad that we are not limited by a prognosis...that our God does not live in a box!?! PTL!! For with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! <><

    And I will be sure to share the Amazon button with others! Happy Thanksgiving and God bless!

  4. Oh my....walking!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for that reminder to shop through the site....
    And I know volunteers will step up to help with the sponsor updates, and thank you ahead of time for all those who will do that!

  5. How great is our God....anyone who doubts that has only to read about the kids at New Day!!!! WOW!

    OH- I passed the Amazon button on to everyone in my address book a few weeks ago! I sincerely hope people take advantage of this as a very small way they can help New Day at this time of year!!!

    Anyway that Amazon button can be posted on the blogs of those of us who would LOVE to see more people support New Day? Just a thought!