Saturday, October 10, 2009

Big Sister

Samuel's one of our newest arrivals, and Victoria has taken him under her wing. Not only is she showing him the ropes of the foster home, but she's demonstrating how to use the toys! Before long, Samuel will be zipping around our yard with this scooter all by himself. It rolls by simply using your hands to move it back and forth, so it is perfect for him. But until he gets the hang of it, Victoria is happy to be his teacher.

Many of our nannies have pointed out that Samuel looks a lot like Victoria! Though they're from different parts of China, we agree with them that there is a strong resemblance. And, Victoria is certainly acting like a big sister!


  1. What a great big sister Victoria is :)

  2. Thank you SO much for posting about this ... what a cool surprise and a video even!
    I LOVE the way Victoria nuzzles his little fuzzy head from behind. Such a good big sister (teacher and mother hen!)! It looks like ND has a couple of these amazing cars. How wonderful. My heart is so happy today :-)
    Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Do you know how these posts warm my heart? Look at the very real children with amazing personalities that we are getting to know because of you!
    THANK YOU! They are so worth it!

  4. What a little sweetie! I love that Victoria is taking him 'under her wing'!! So cute how she muzzles up into him at the end. Adorable! And I agree that there is definitely a resemblance.

    Is that Khloe on the other scooter in the background? She looks like such a little peanut on it!! ;o)

    Have a nice weekend!! <><

  5. I love this video! Victoria is such a great big sister and Samuel is too cute! They really look alike too. This is great!

  6. Oh, this is so priceless!

    I love seeing the kids in action. This video is such a reminder to me that these kids see past disabilities. Not a lot of girls Victoria's age here in the States could do that. Kuddos to all the love and care you show the pours back out into their love and care for others around them.