Monday, October 12, 2009

Boys at Play

After lunch, a lot of the staff enjoy playing a Chinese game called jianzi. It's a lot like hacky sack, except everyone kicks around a little cluster of weighted feathers. Liam watched the grown-ups play for quite a while before wanting to join in the fun. He'd carefully observed the game, and he knew he needed to kick the jianzi. To prepare for his big kicking moment, we caught him doing this...

Peter and Jack think therapy time is just play time. They don't realize they're learning important skills! We think they're adorable as they work hard to master the somersault, something all little boys must do.


  1. You know what? This was just the dose of joy I needed to start my week! :) We LOVE seeing Liam being adorable, and the boys rolling around giggling was just the perfect way to start the week.

  2. I love the 'tumbling' videos...clearly Peter and Jack are having a ball! To hear those childrens' laughter, ALWAYS puts a smile on my face!

    And Liam is just too cute!!...I love all that concentration and focus in his one move! :)

  3. And I thought the girls had all the giggles! These boys are great...doing what boys do best when dirt isn't around to play in!

    LOVE the videos. Thanks for sharing these kids with us!