Friday, October 9, 2009


We're back from our October holidays. Did you miss us?

Everything went very well during the holidays -- none of our children had any medical emergencies! We're so thankful that our entire management and medical staff had the opportunity to rest and spend uninterrupted time with their families. Our nannies had a quiet week with only a few visitors, so they had an opportunity to rest as well. (Unfortunately, we can't totally close down the foster home!)

Right before we left, we captured this cute picture in one of the hospitals in Beijing. Claire and George are both hospitalized at the same place right now, and they happened to be in neighboring rooms. We took this picture of George, but you can see Claire through the window!

Both Claire and George are doing a lot better. Claire is eating solid foods, and it won't be long until she's released from the hospital. George's condition is quite serious (and quite mysterious). While the doctor's still haven't diagnosed what causes the wounds on his body, the ones he had when he arrived have considerably healed and he is in much better shape. They still need to figure out exactly what causes the recurring wounds, so we're hoping to hear news soon.


  1. YES!...I know I missed you!! What is a blog-stalker to do when her favorite 2 sights are closed down for a week, with no new photos, not updates on the chilren, nothing. ~ !?! (;

    SO glad to hear how Claire and George are doing! I can't wait until Claire is finally released...I will be doing the 'happy dance' for her!! And we will continue to lift George up in prayer...praying for medical understanding and a diagnosis for his condition. I'm SO glad they are both under the caring and watchful eye of your staff!...we all know they are in the best of hands!! <><

  2. I agree with Tanya that it's not easy for us in blog world when there is a holiday away from the computer. HA! (I hope you guys don't review how many times we visit the site knowing full well that no one is there to make posts ... oh it would give you a laugh!) Good to have you back and that the break was so good and uneventful for the children and staff especially! That makes me wonder ... maybe Operation Giggle should surprise the staff too in a small way. They do so much. I hope they are visited by the the Spirit of Christmas too! Glad you are back.

  3. You know we missed all of you, Carrie! Glad you all had a nice vacation...but we are also so glad that you're back!

    LOVE the picture of Claire and George! How wonderful for them to be "neighbors" during this time! I love the way God works out details like that. :) We will keep praying for George and his "mysterious" condition as the doctors search for the cause...and we're always up for divine healing as well!

  4. I couldn't agree more!!! It was a LONG week without any pictures, updates or ANYTHING. I didn't realize just how much I LOVE to read bout the kids and the goings=on at New Day till I couldn't for a week!

    I'm praying that George's situation will be figured out by the doctors there. It's so strange. Glad to hear he is better now though! SO glad to hear about Claire's continued improvement too.