Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Office

Our oldest girls are ready to get to work! Recently they told Elva that they wanted to come help her work in the office.

"I can type your e-mails!" said Emily.

"And I can answer the phone!" added Sophie. She picked up Elva's cell phone to demonstrate: "Ni hao ke ren!" (Hello visitor!)

Victoria quickly thought of what she could do... "I could give tours!"

"I want to help with that," Emily added.

It didn't take Elva long to realize that all of her work duties had been divided out by these enterprising young ladies.

"What will I do?" asked Elva.

"Well," thought Sophie carefully, "You can go to pre-school, and then you will get candy. After class, you can eat candy!"

Elva understandably thought this sounded like a pretty sweet deal. So, if any of you e-mail us and get an odd reply in return, or if you call, and a sweet, high-pitched voice answers the phone, please rest assured that we've only stepped out for a moment. And no worries - we've left our work in very capable hands.


  1. AHHHH, too cute. The girls look pretty comfortable in their new duties. Should Elva be worried???

  2. What amazing little helpers you have!!!