Friday, April 17, 2009

Global Girls

Because they are so amazingly talented, all of our children often hear praise for their fabulous artwork. We recently learned that they'd picked up some new words from their intern teachers. From Lauren (USA) they hear that their art is awesome, and from Arwen (UK) they hear that it is lovely.

Emily and Sophie each picked up a trademark phrase from their teachers, and we think the global vocabulary they've acquired is priceless. And, it fits their personalities that Sophie demurely says "It's lovely," while Emily punches the sky with an enthusiastic "It's awesome!"

However you say it, it's cute!


  1. Such silly, lovely girls.....they're just awesome indeed!!!!

  2. That is too funny. I love how Sophie says "it's lovely" the first time. She sounds so lady like. And Emily is so funny the way she throws her hands up when she says "it's awesome."

    Thanks for sharing

  3. love it!! soooo cute!

  4. That video was simply...lovely!
    Or maybe it was just totally...AWESOME! :)

    Too cute!!!

  5. "Lovely" video...just totally "AWESOME" if I do say so myself!! :)

    Too cute!

  6. SO cute! They are both lovely and awesome:)