Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Transformation Tuesday: Amelia

We were full of hope when Amelia arrived at New Day on April 15th of 2016. Just a week earlier sweet Evelynn, who had the same GI issue that Amelia has, passed away and at her memorial service it was announced that Amelia would soon arrive.

A blog post written shortly after Amelia's arrival said this:
We committed to 'hold onto hope', and that is what we are doing for Amelia.  We are totally committed to loving her and caring for her and hoping for her.  We aren't giving up in the face of discouragement, and Amelia is a demonstration of this determination.  

As Amelia has grown that hope has remained.

She is known as a spunky, sassy girl, who has the sweetest smile.

Amelia has captured so many hearts and people around the world helped provide the special formula and vitamins she needed.

Amelia celebrated holidays, birthdays, and her nannies made sure she knew how loved she was.

We celebrated as Amelia began to crawl and then walk and watched as she became more and more confident exploring the world around her.

Recently Amelia celebrated her second birthday which means she also started attending preschool. This meant even more fun and the opportunity to go on field trips!

Amelia will soon leave to join her forever family. We will miss her joy and her smiles but we continue to have so much hope for a bright future. 

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